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Parenting Nugget #13

Parenting Nugget #13: Desire is the root cause of all evil, as we have heard since our childhood but how much have we practiced it....

Parenting Nugget #11

Parenting Nugget #11: How do we define the Right Conduct. Dharma, (the right conduct), is one of the 4 key objectives of human life. it's...

Parenting Nugget #10

Parenting Nugget #10: Natural curiosity (Jigyasa) is a quality much cherished since time immemorial. The path to Holiness lies through questioning everything. Children are usually...

Educated or Literate?

When I see educated people (those who have professional degrees) doing irrational stuff and so called uneducated (those who have not studied as much) showing...

A lesson on Gratitude

In the eightfold path given by Sage Patanjali, one of the Yams is 'Aparagriha' which literally means greedlessness. I mulled over it to understand it...