You can create your own experience

Yes! Hold on to the thought that you create your own experiences. Nothing happens to you. You create your reality with your own intentions. Intention creates thought and thought creates action. This is the ultimate reality of ‘free will’. This means that we choose to live our life, have characters behave the way we want to exactly as we direct a play on the stage with our choice of storyline, our choice of characters and our own scenes to depict the story we want to share with the audience. How do we really do that? To understand this, comprehend yourself as a body of energy, like a bulb connected to the ever-flowing consciousness which means you are a dynamic system, the luminosity of light changes continuously with every thought, every intention and every action. Many different thoughts result in actions, in turn result in feelings and create different experiences in us. If we are able to make ourselves aware of the change in luminosity or change in frequency of the energy, we will be making conscious choice in every thought and action. Every action and response comes from either fear or love. When we act with anger, resentment, vengeance, the origin is fear. Observe the change in your body system. Take a pause and notice the feelings. Do you feel depletion of energy, headache, heartache, weakness, etc because all emotions originating out of fear are of lower frequency currents. Same feelings appear when you act with sadness, shame and regret. The highest frequency current is love. But not everyone is a saint and you don’t have to be one in your own dictionary of understanding. All you need is to be consciously aware of your actions and reactions. Now this requires you to be your own spy, basically watching your mind, your thoughts every moment. You would get digressed but you need to come back at it and start all over again. Especially if you are working towards key relationships where you feel it’s not going to work out but internally somewhere you want to fix it as it means a lot to you.
So first, start monitoring your thoughts, the moment you realize it will take you in the wrong direction, stop there, completely reverse the thought consciously and you will begin to move in the right direction. Second, start analyzing your responses. If the experience due to your response doesn’t come out as per your expectations, then scrutinize it to make a change in your responses.
Beware! Your responses determine your intentions and also determine your experiences.


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