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Pooja Chopra is an MBA from IIM Bangalore with more than 15 years of Corporate experience in Strategy, Marketing & Product Management. She has worked with organizations of repute, Airtel, IBM, Honeywell. As a corporate professional, she has always been called as aggressive, hard-working and dedicated to the job. On the family front, she has always tried to manage at the best of her abilities. But still life was not meaningful to her, there was something to be searched for. An inner voice of ‘Who am I’, ‘Why are my experiences different from others’ and ‘What is my purpose’ started a quest to find out the real self.

She has spent time understanding and assimilating the real knowledge from the Holy scriptures. As part of her self-study and self-enquiry path, she has also been associated with Yogoda Satsang Society of India and Chinamaya Mission. She also practices yoga and meditation as she believes in keeping physically fit and mentally stable.
With the objective of transforming education, she has developed strategic frameworks and modules for easy understanding keeping all the three generations of X, Y and Z in mind and hence she is calling her initiative ‘Subodh Gyan’, meaning perspicuous which means clearly expressed and easily understood. Subodh Gyan intends to enable holistic learning.
She has been associated with NGOs where she works with children to teach them core human values as well as counsel them to resolve their issues in the capacity of a Counsellor and Therapist. She also practices alternate healing modalities out of passion for people in need. She founded Subodh Gyan as an initiative to bring back the old Indian ethos and core human values to revive the lost out happiness from our generation.


The vision of the company is to touch every possible human life with a spark of knowledge and spread true happiness by making value-rich humans who have reverence for all kinds of life forms and our environment, healthy minds with compassion and tolerance, healthy attitude with forgiveness, self-discipline and humility.

Conceptualised on the basis of our ancient knowledge from Holy scriptures, Theology and Body-mind psychological experiences. It’s an attempt to decode the real knowledge and develop an executable framework encompassing the connections amongst body, mind and soul.

It’s a mission to reform education by bringing back our traditional attitudes and beliefs that form the core value system in the society. With an aim to imbibe values from an early age in schools to grown up adults in Corporates, the aim is to bring transformation in humans. We have collaborated with experts in behavioral sciences and philosophy, Psychologists, Spiritualists, Therapists and other like-minded beings to deliver the experiential and immersive teaching techniques.



My son is attending online sessions from Subodh Gyan. I have found tremendous improvement in my son's behaviour after attending the sessions. He has become more open minded and respoonsible. Before he used to feel shy. Now he has become more confident, communicable and friendly. He has become more innovative in his ideas. I thank Pooja for the positive changes in my son's life.

Deepa Ratheesh from Bangalore

Mother and Homemaker

You did a commendable job. Congratulations and thanks for such a wonderful session. It was wonderful session and you conducted this session so well. The way you connected with students and answered their queries, I am really impressed. We request and invite you for few more sessions in the college premises once college reopens. Great Job done!

Dr.Sunil Pandey Director PG( IT)and UG Campus

Institute of Technology & Science (I.T.S), Ghaziabad

We have been utilizing the services of Subodh Gyan to train our employees. The curriculum is unique and extremely important in current days, where corporate people develop insurmountable stress due to being subjected to deadlines, interpersonal conflicts, client management, issue resolution, etc. while technical and soft skills training equip people with necessary skills, the curriculum of Subodh Gyan helps them to find their inner abilities and strength to utilize these skills and work at their maximum potential and also maintain calmness and enthusiasm. I can say that these trainings not only help them be successful in work environment, but also in all aspects of their lives.

Vinutha Bhargava

COO, Moksa Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Pooja has taken life skills classes and workshops for 6th-8th standard students in our Barola centre. The children really enjoyed the classes and found the discussions and activities interesting. One of the workshops was done on the topic ‘Goals and Focus’ and the children did a written activity in which they shared their goals and plans for the future. Pooja also conducted individual counseling sessions with two children and the sessions were helpful to the children in dealing with their challenges.

Anupama Menon

Senior Life Skills Trainer & Faculty, Vidya & Child School


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