As per WHO report 2015, 1 in 5 Indians may suffer
from depression in their lifetime.
20 % of India’s working population is stressed and
50 % of the stressed claims it to be
due to work pressure.
300 million (3 in 4) children aged 2 to 4 worldwide
experience violent discipline by their caregivers.
1 in 4 (176 million) children under age 5 live with a
mother who is a victim of intimate partner
130 million (1 in 3) students between 13-15 years
of age experience bullying.
Every 7 minutes, somewhere in the world, an
adolescent is killed by an act of violence.

Source: WHO India report 2015 and UNESCO Worldwide report 2019

Do you encounter such children, adolescents and youth in your life – in your family, in your schools, colleges? Do you want to be a mere spectator or you wish to bring change? Change often starts with YOU!

Trends and patterns emerging in India

Children are exposed to a number of things as the world is open today. With the new fast paced technology, trend setting gizmos, rapidly changing family dynamics along with an overwhelmed education system, parents face combined challenges these days. With 350 million smartphone users in India and are expected to grow by 50% in 5 years, the average time spent on smartphone is 3 hours. 71 billion hours are spent on top 5 social apps and the average friend list of a child is 175. Shocking, isn’t it?

Research indicates that parents’ expectations of their children’s cognitive abilities, such as understanding and complying with complex instructions, often misalign with developmental norms. This lack of knowledge, in combination with other factors such as cultural practices, can result in the use of disciplinary methods that are both ineffective and harmful. With increasing number of women joining the workforce and increasing the monthly household income and bringing in prosperity for the family, parents are often time starved, most stressed and guilt ridden for not spending enough time with children.

Children who own mobile phones 0
Parents who feel they don’t have enough time to play with their children 0
Indian parent who exhibits a virtual family 0
Children who feel more confident using a mobile phone 0
Children who feel insecure without mobile phone 0


The Causes

Fear of acceptance in social and peer groups
Being constantly compared to others
Peer pressure to match lifestyle
Lack of dignity and respect for people
Pressure from peers and family to perform
Feel neglected at home and outside
Lack of tolerance for criticism and unacceptance causing rage, violence
Lack of harmony interpersonal relationships
Absence of visible moral values within family
Abuse, arguments and domestic violence amongst parents
Lack of human connect between parent and child




Substance Abuse

Anxiety disorders

Eating disorders

Learning disorders

Hyperactivity disorders


How can Subodh Gyan benefit me?

In the age when value system is in flux and degrading, values are being constantly redefined and the importance of imbibing basic values can not be overemphasized. Values are the roots of our life giving us physical, mental and emotional strength when we grow into a tree full of life. As values are the foundation of our existence, they determine our character and personality. Therefore value education has become the need of the hour. Subodh Gyan ensures the teachings don’t turn into preaching as the learning modality is entirely experiential. Such is the power of our transformative education that we must bring to transform ourselves and people around us.

Healthy Body

The entire physical creation is made of 5 core elements- ether, air, fire, water, earth and these are intimately connected with the five senses of the individual. Once we are aligned with our environment, we are free from mental worries and physical stress.

Better concentration

When our mind is without agitations, not indulged in unnecessary activity, we feel calm. In the state of calmness and less load of thinking by our mind, the power of concentration is at its maximum. This is beneficial for children and working professionals.

Stress free mind

Stress can create havoc with our body and mind. With awareness of the working of the mind and its multiple games of perception, the stress can be altogether removed and we gain the authentic power. Subodh gyan teaches you strategies to cope with stress.

joyful interpersonal relations

We often tend to be partial with our own self and consider other wrong in an unhealthy relationship. However, once we understand the purpose of our inter-connectedness, with our surroundings and people, we only find joy and love with everyone else.

High productivity

Each one of us have the same amount of power and strength to operate at the maximum efficiency. Once we become aware of our existence, we can unleash the infinite potential within us in any field of our choice. Our performance in any field can be heightened.

Self confidence

When we develop self-faith and become aware of our authentic self, we tend to make conscious choices, arising out of our core inner strength rather than fear or external factors. Subodh gyan ensures to regain your confidence to achieve more from life.