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Conceptual understanding + Activities + Introspection + Retrospection + Contemplation + Actions

Workshops for Children

Children are the basic building blocks of our society. We transfer our values, beliefs and attitudes to the newer generations by our behavior and action. To supplement the values, beliefs and attitudes provided by parents at homes, this program is offered in schools, colleges and all learning institutions and is tailored for various age groups.


Our flagship product is the uniquely designed program for children between the age group of 8-15 years. It is built on 4 pillars of growth – Humanity, Ethics, Relationships and Orientation.
HUMANITY : this section covers the aspects of emotional management of self as well as others
ETHICS : this section covers all aspects around self management to build the character by imbibing core values
RELATIONSHIPS : this section helps building competencies around inter-personal engagements at various levels
ORIENTATION : this section ensures that while EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Social Quotient) are taken care of, importance of learnability is not neglected.
While skill based education system has been a core part of development in form of academics, sports or art/music/dance, learning values, ethics, attitude, mindset, life skills can be an integral part of a child’s growth.

Workshops for Organisations

Workplace environments are more challenging, require multiple tasks to be done and work hours can stretch for long durations. All these can be contributing factors towards stress. This program has been designed on various interesting topics that suit the inquisitive minds of professionals to help them lead a balanced life of freedom and cooperation.

Organisations are a platform where individuals come together to work towards a common goal. While workplace can be a fun and invigorating place, it can also be energy sucking environment as people with unique energy patterns connect and affect others. The stronger and aware would be able to sail through smoothly however, the weaker and unconscious may get stuck, impacting the work-life balance, relationships and one’s own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
We impart customised workshops and webinars for target audience with defined outcomes. The outcomes could vary from self-growth to lower attrition or high employee productivity. The outcomes for any organisation would always impact other variables too and hence these are not always mutually exclusive.
We also organize Niche workshops based on either specialised subject like stress management, time management, goal setting, vision statement, project management, inter-personal skills, or any customised design for a specific purpose or specific target group like diversity employees, new parents, and even their children.

Workshops for Parents

Parents are the first teachers of children and therefore parenting is the most critical role in raising children who turn into responsible adults. Increasingly parents are unable to spend quality time with their children. This program is meant to provide techniques and tools to parents to help imbibe values in their children while also help them become happier individuals.

Parenting is an acquired skill but it’s not completely defined by rules. Parenting is also an art where one has to be conscious of self emotions while handling a child. Becoming a fully conscious parent is the greatest gift you can give your child. What it needs is not just intelligence in managing situations and behaviours but also tells the parent to be present fully in the moment. Your child can be your greatest guru if you look deep enough. Garbha Upanishad, one of the 17th minor Upanishads, ascribed to sage Pippalada, throws light on how the union of mother and father creates a baby and invite the soul into their family. It also teaches us that the unborn child is fully aware of his previous incarnations and having gone through the causal chain of birth and death, he vows to take the name of God and achieve Brahamn (liberation). But the moment, he is born, he forgets everything with the touch of Maya (Illusion). As parents, when we become aware of this fact, we should work towards helping the growth of the child physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
Through the wisdom contained in Vedas, Upanishads and Epics, parent go through a transformation process in growing along with the child.

What makes us different?

360 degree approach touching base all the segments in the interconnected framework of life:

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Youth (college going)
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Working Professionals


In order to deliver an experience where values and learnings penetrate deep within the subconscious mind, various tools have been thought through by psychologists to make learning fun as well as engrossing. With deep introspection, these tools help us remove our fears and doubts and other negative emotions. In the process, a combination of these activities enable our true potential to come to the forefront and take charge.

Games & group activities

Icebreakers, energizers and a variety of other games are played in groups to stimulate response in problem solving situations and improved communication and collaboration skills.


A powerful mechanism of self-talk therapy to remove deep rooted fears and also enables expression that involves all the 5 senses.


Some key aspects of our life like goal setting, perseverance, endurance and right attitude are learnt through sports.


Guided meditation tours align the energies of the group for the common benefit and has ripple effect in creating peace and relaxation for all.

Role play, Presentations, Public speaking

An excellent tool for engaging people to complete a task that builds confidence and creativity. When people are allowed to speak in front of the audience, it can boost their confidence and enable cross learning with each other.


Lot of interesting and exciting stories full of wisdom are available to us from mythology, ancient scriptures, Panchtantra, Jataka, Hitopadesha and a lot more. The characters and settings are not just for children but the moral lessons are for all age groups.


Reduces anxiety and elevates mood. A very powerful technique that connects with the soul. It uplifts emotions and brings immediate relaxation and happiness.

Environmental Settings

Learning happens all the time but when we channelize our energies consciously towards fulfilling an objective, the learning goes deeper. Out workshops are conducted in various settings to enhance the outcomes.


Conventional well-structured setting designed to enable group learning


Organized activities to provide both physical and mental health benefits


A platform for learning self-confidence and communication skills


Second home to working professionals that helps to improve productivity and harmony

Commercial Setting

Some life lessons are learnt best in group tours by observing with attention, ex. in a Factory