Parenting Nugget #10

Parenting Nugget #10: Natural curiosity (Jigyasa) is a quality much cherished since time immemorial. The path to Holiness lies through questioning everything. Children are usually very curious while they explore their world. Are parents, irrespective of their education ,well equipped to handle all kinds of enquiries? How much do we extend ourselves to satisfy their quests? We share willingly any knowledge we have but there are questions which are complex in nature about life & philosophy like what happens after death, why do we take birth, is God real, why is God treated differently in different religions, why are mountains, rivers named after some God/ Goddesses..the list is endless…if you answer some, more question follows.

Do these questions make you curious too or you get so absorbed in daily mundane life circumstances, that you find it an utter waste of time and you become the reason to drastically kill their curiosity. What kind are you?


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