Let the HERO within your child shine ! – part III and Final

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. ~ Nelson Mandela

We are often fascinated with Superheroes and their super powers at all stages of life. Kids love to fantasize about their favourite characters, often dream about getting those powers to solve their personal issues. This mostly happens in situations when there’s nobody dependable or trustworthy in their vicinity. They are obviously not aware of their powers hidden within, nobody ever told them. The more aware ones who are conscious of their presence, find the grit, perseverance and strengths within to fight back the obstacles and bounce back. As we grow, we nurture our lives with more power from the outside rather than from within. However, our love for superheroes doesn’t diminish, in fact we need them all the more to cover up our weaknesses and give us temporary relief. We often get attracted towards those who show the powers we lack.

If superheroes are so integral to our lives, be in the guise of Marvel or DC comics, or real life sports personalities or the ones who sacrifice for a social cause, why not reveal that HERO within.

Start with your child, hold that space, open the boundaries of your expectations and conditioning, let it evolve.

I have developed a HERO framework, spinning around 4 key dimensions of Humanity, Ethics, Relationships and Orientation with critical values, behaviours and future ready competencies.

Let your child unlock the HERO within !

Pooja Chopra

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