Let the HERO within your child shine ! – part II

Success is a multi-dimensional term, often interpreted linearly based on our perceptions about aspects we lack in life.
These may also become our expectations as parents.

Although, we wish and provide the very best for our kids, the best education, the best upbringing, the best skills, the best career and so on, but does any of this convert to wisdom in them.
Wisdom to have mental maturity (samachittam), equanimity (samatwam), equal vision (sama-darshanam). Living with a refined and pure mind is indeed a life of prosperity and fulfillment (poornatwam).

There is a tendency to mis-interpret the statement to be about the mind or the mental health only, it’s always about the whole structure – gross body, thoughts, emotions, values, attitudes, behaviours and skills that make up the personality. But again beware! fixed notions about personality and its traits may only create invisible boundaries to imprison us in our self-made cage.

The unfolding of self is the most intriguing science of all and our mind continues to distract us away from it for as long as it’s possible, however, once understood, THE path is the only path to glory, excellence and success.

Watch out for my next and the culminating blog on the ‘Path of Inner Science’


Pooja Chopra

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