Parenting Nugget #6

Parenting Nugget #6: What is courage? The process of growing up occurs gradually with multiple leaps in the unknown. The essence of life is change where risk is involved, the more lovingly we life life, the more risks we take. Growing up from childhood to adulthood is not just a step but a huge leap. But not many people take the risks and rather take interest in containing themselves in a safe & secure environment. Where there is risk, there is uncertainty and possible reason for failure too. Only those who have loving parents show significant courage to take plunge in their independence. That’s when,there is enlargement of the self into new dimensions. Recall your experience of the first time, you took your bicycle on your own, the first time, you jumped off the cliff in a bungee jumping, the first time, you got on the stage for a performance, the first time you were asked to travel alone! are we ready to give the same experiences to our kids of this generation? guess that needs your courage too to let go of that protection!

Pooja Chopra

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