Parenting Nugget #9

Parenting Nugget #9: Everyone has an explicit or implicit set of ideas and beliefs that define their world views. Some view it as ruthless, dog -eat -dog kind of place and some view it as nurturing kind of place where there is always good for everyone. Scott Peck, a psychotherapist says our parents are ‘culture leaders’. Our views are defined by what we see them do and behave with us. Parents are God like figures for children, their notion of God’s nature is an extrapolation of their parents’ natures. What this means is that if we are loving and forgiving parents, our kids will develop a view of loving and forgiving God. We tend to believe what the people around us believe, and we tend to accept as truth what these people tell us of the nature of the world as we listen to them during our formative years. So educate yourself with scrutiny about the concept of religion, spirituality and values to be able to raise holistically educated kids.

Pooja Chopra

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